Who’s it For?

The Magic Workshop is suitable for Vacation Care children 5-12.

I guess I love Vacation Care, because I remember my holidays as a kid, so reminiscent with fun.   So  I want to provide an experience where the children feel like they are in a home like environment, and gain skills that build their confidence at the same time.

I want them to feel like I’m a fun ‘Aunty’ who comes along and teaches them fab tricks so they can wow their friends and family!

I don’t want to create a polished performance where the focus is on me performing tricks, I want them to feel like I’m a friend who’s sharing some great tricks with them, and teaching them step by step.

I have a special ‘L PLATE’  and talk about being kind to themselves when they are a learner.  And being kind to others when they are doing a trick for the first time.

They love this L Plate, and will often say to the kids, when they are performing, ‘I’d better put my L Plate on, so you’ll be kind to me if I get it wrong!

They are so THRILLED when they can perform the simple tricks I present.

This workshop builds so much confidence in the children.  How good is that:)  J x