About Julie

Hello there!  I’m Julie Zommers.

I believe that all children have a little magic inside of themselves.

My quest if that I let them know this.

I’ve spent 30 years of my life on this quest.

I started off as a teacher.

I’ve written over 20 shows, which have been viewed by over a million children.

I’ve created 6 workshops where the children get a ‘hands on’ experience that builds the belief that they are indeed magical!

I’m a published author of two books dealing with children’s fears.

I never waiver from my intention of providing children opportunities to learn how amazing they are, in a fun educational environment, whether it is through theatre, or workshops.

I am forever grateful for you, the educators, directors, carers,  who continue over three decades to believe in what I have to offer and keep booking me.

It makes me happy, because I truly believe that I have something to offer your children every time, that will have a lasting effect on their self worth.

I’m feeling a little egotistical now, so don’t just take my word for it, please look at the testimonials and you can decide for yourself.

With love,

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